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Move In- from the Parents’ Perspective

Posted by on Monday, August 19, 2013 in College Life, Family, General Information.

This post was actually co-authored by my parents (Jeff and Leslie) who moved in TWO children to Vanderbilt this weekend. They are now empty nesters. Here is their story:

Four years ago, when our eldest daughter, Erica, chose Vanderbilt, we knew almost nothing about the school or the city. The entire family was in for the adventure of a lifetime as we prepared and adjusted to having a daughter in college. We were nervous and excited for her. We worried that she would have a difficult adjustment and that we would be too far away to ease the transition.

All of our fears, however, were put to rest when we pulled into move-in on that sweltering August day. We didn’t lift a finger as our car was unloaded and brought to the room by excited students. That day, we got to witness the ever-present sense of community at Vanderbilt. Everybody that we met had nothing but praise for their alma mater as they assured us that our daughter would be just fine.

On Saturday, it was, our youngest, Brittany‘s turn to move in at the Commons and begin her journey at Vanderbilt. Whereas with Erica, we were more nervous for her transition than for ours, with Brittany, we are so confident in Vanderbilt, that we are overjoyed for her transition, and a little weary for ours. Brittany was all smiles when we left her yesterday morning. She already feels at home, which is a great comfort for us, as parents.

Our family is now officially a Vanderbilt family, and we could not be prouder. We are so grateful for all of the opportunities that it has provided for our oldest, and will continue to provide for our youngest. As parents, we could not imagine sending our daughters anywhere else. Whether you just left your sons and daughters at school, or are planning to do so in the next weeks and months, trust in their ability to transition. It will probably be easier for them than it will be for you.


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