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My Summer Plans

Apr. 1, 2019—Since April has finally begun, a Vandy student can’t help but think about how quickly summer break is approaching (along with finals)! Luckily, I have already secured my summer plans. Here is what I am planning to do for the summer: Thanks to Hire a Dore, I found a summer internship. I will be working...

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Thanksgiving in Dixie

Dec. 7, 2015—One of my favorite things about Vanderbilt (other than, like, eight million other things—including, but not limited to, Grins Nutella paninis, really fat squirrels, and the fact that I’m currently wearing Nike shorts in December) is that we get a full week off for Thanksgiving break. This break comes just about two weeks before finals,...

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Restaurant Recon

Jul. 23, 2013—Once a week, the student workers in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions go to dinner together, in an effort to get out and explore the food side of Nashville. Each week we pick a different local Nashville restaurant, and in this post, I present to you--in no particular order--a list of my top 3 favorites so far!

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Mouth-watering Monell’s

Jul. 10, 2013—This post is late, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Allow me to tell you of the wonders of Monell’s.

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