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EVOLVE is Present Tense

Oct. 24, 2014—After eight weeks, EVOLVE has come to an end. We've explored ACCESS and accomplished the following goals: Examine and describe personal leadership style; develop relationships with peers through cluster and 1:1 meetings; identify, explore, and apply personal strengths; apply Leadership Excellence Philosophy to our Vanderbilt experience.

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Ethical, Service-Oriented, and Supportive Leadership

Oct. 23, 2014—The first three sessions of EVOLVE covered accountability, collaboration, and communication, and the last three session of EVOLVE covered ethics and values, servant leadership, and identity and inclusivity. A Leader is Ethical Ethics, which we defined as standards of conduct based on socially-accepted values, are necessary to promote productive functioning and well-being of groups/societies (OSLD)....

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Loading ACCESS… 50% Completed

Sep. 25, 2014—I find myself at the mid-point of the EVOLVE leadership development program, introduced in a previous post. In clusters of four and as a cohort of 36, we completed A for Accountable, C for Collaborative, and a second C for Communicative. Each letter is part of an acronym that encapsulates the Office of Student Leadership...

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EVOLVE-ing One Week at a Time

Sep. 5, 2014—EVOLVE is a personal leadership development program led by Vanderbilt's Office of Student Leadership Development (OSLD). I'm honored to be a part of the inaugural program, and here's my take after the first meeting.

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