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Note to self: slow down

Sep. 13, 2012—Four weeks into the semester. By now, most of us are probably already busy taking our first test or handing in that first essay assignment for class. As professors slowly start picking up the pace of the semester by increasing our workload, a lot of us can't help but let the stress accumulate. Anxiety level? Very high. Things on my to-do list for the weekend? Very full.

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… To The Top!

Jun. 27, 2012—Read about what I did when not sawing away at my cello. There were hikes, letter-writing, and other fun activities! Pictures included!

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Close to Nature

Apr. 15, 2012—Last weekend, I went home for Easter weekend in order to spend the holiday with my parents. However, I brought two friends along so that they could experience the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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The One Question Every Prospective Student Wants to Know

Mar. 19, 2012—Besides “how’s the food here?”– there is one question that is central to any prospective (or simply curious) student’s inquiries. I’m here to answer for you, in my humble opinion.

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A Weekend Away, Wilskills-style

Dec. 4, 2011—Since I’m studying abroad next semester, this weekend was my final hoorah with WilSkills, my number one extracurriculear at Vanderbilt. Being a second semester instructor for the course/club conglomerate, this semester was my first when I’d be allowed to “lead” a trip. The first trip I lead will also correlate to my last WilSkills trip...

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Me vs. Nature

Oct. 20, 2011—Let me just start off by saying that I love nature.  Really, I do.  I love that Vanderbilt is a national arboretum, I respect the freedom of the squirrels at Vanderbilt to leap out of trashcans if they so desire, and I do not in any way enjoy harming small birds.  NOT AT ALL.

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