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The One Question Every Prospective Student Wants to Know

Posted by on Monday, March 19, 2012 in College Life, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

Besides “how’s the food here?”– there is one question that is central to any prospective (or simply curious) student’s inquiries. I’m here to answer for you, in my humble opinion.


More specifically: why Vanderbilt?

I could go on for much longer than anyone would want me to, so let’s say I attempt to narrow it down to three major points.

  1. The campus: Vanderbilt is a national arboretum. That is, every tree that exists naturally in the great state of Tennessee is represented at least once on Vanderbilt’s campus.  No matter how many times I think of that fact, it always blows my mind! No matter the season or weather condition, Vanderbilt’s campus is gorgeous. Many would tell you that some of their favorite times around campus would be spring and fall; the leaves are changing and all sorts of animals come out to explore and gather food.  As I overheard one 4 year-old exclaim as she wandered through campus not too long ago: “this must be squirrel-land!” Yes. Yes, it is.
    Additionally, some of my absolute favorite details of campus are the sidewalks. You’ll never walk in a straight line while making your way through campus. With curves and twists, it seems as if the sidewalks were installed around the trees and buildings and not the other way around. Those sidewalks will take you (maybe inadvertently) through and around some of the most beautiful sights on campus.
  2. The opportunities: I suppose the title of #2 is somewhat vague. Specifically, I’m referring to the opportunities one has to get involved in any and every thing that one enjoys doing. My roommate, for example, is really into service and creating a positive change for Vanderbilt’s population. I, for example, enjoy the performing arts community.  Neither of us have had trouble finding ways in which to express these desires and interests.
    Whether you want to tutor local high school students, discuss your religious beliefs with fellow believers, perform traditional Asian dances, volunteer at the nearby HIV/AIDS clinic, or anything else, there is something for you! And on the off chance that there isn’t, I have several friends (including my roommate) who have taken the initiative to create their own student organization! See? So many opportunities!
  3. The aid: Undoubtedly, college can be a difficult time emotionally, socially, and financially. However, Vanderbilt has taken the necessary strides to attempt to eliminate at least one of those stressors. Vanderbilt’s recent extended aid program, established in 2009, now works to provide for 100% of a student’s demonstrated needs. In other words, a student applies; Vanderbilt accepts them based on their skills and academic scores; then Vanderbilt asks for all financial information. If it appears that a student cannot pay the full tuition rate, Vanderbilt will meet the rest of it.
    Here is a quote from Vanderbilt’s Expanded Aid Program site: “Vanderbilt’s policy is to admit students on the basis of their talents and ability, rather than their ability to pay. The university also commits to fully meeting all students’ demonstrated financial need.”
    This aspect of Vanderbilt’s financial aid changed my life to say the least.
    Also, I have found the Financial Aid Office extremely easy to work and meet with in the past. Feel free to call them up if you have any questions!

So, there it is. My sad attempt to sum up my love for Vanderbilt in three bullet points. I would love to discuss my love and respect for Vanderbilt University even more! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions! (

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