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‘Mental Health’


Nov. 29, 2019—Probably one of my favorite things at Vanderbilt is that we get a week-long Thanksgiving Break! At this point in the semester, I know I’m almost on the verge of burning out and this break always comes at a much needed time to (mostly) relax for an entire week and spend time with family and...

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Dealing with Rejection at Vanderbilt

Feb. 17, 2019—  As a prospective student at Vanderbilt (or even someone who’s been here awhile), it can often seem as if everyone here is perfect: amazing grades, leadership roles in many different organizations, and successful in almost everything they do. Some people, myself included, have even come to expect favorable outcomes because we haven’t had to...

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Stepping Back || Mental Health at Vanderbilt || (The 4th Thing I learned Sophomore Year)

Dec. 30, 2017—This is a long post. Relationships become more complex as we grow up. We use other people, most times without realizing it. Coming to Vanderbilt taught me such an important lesson: it’s okay to step back. The experience with my friend described here happened the second semester of my sophomore year, my fourth semester at...

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So You Think You Can Relax?

Nov. 20, 2016—College is stressful, we all know that, but sometimes you have to unwind. Here are some ways I've done exactly that!

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Talk Healthy To Me: Part 2

Nov. 22, 2015—What to do when life gets you down.

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Public Art and The Kefi Project

Oct. 19, 2014—It’s time to introduce one of the standout student orgs on campus: The Kefi Project. If you’re not familiar with Kefi, we’re to blame for poetry in unexpected places, water-bottle chandeliers, and so many parasols. The Greek word kefi (κέφι) conveys a spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm and high-spirited living. I got involved in the...

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