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So You Think You Can Relax?

Posted by on Sunday, November 20, 2016 in College Life, Creative Writing, Dance, General Information, Student Life.

If you think college is stressful, ding-ding-ding! You are correct! From the first semester forward, college has been one of the most stressful times in my life. Don’t get me wrong, some stress is good: being stressed tests your limits and makes you grow as a person. I like being stressed! However, I’m not infatuated with it. Sometimes you have to take a breather to reorient yourself, to make sure you’re doing well, to relax. Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Luckily, Vanderbilt has official and casual ways to keep you healthy! Vanderbilt offers the PCC for professional consultation regarding mental health. There are also a number of mental health student orgs around campus, such as LEAPS. If you’d rather stay away from official stuff, like many people do, you can do what I do and attend fun events around campus!

One such event is Create-a-thon! Long-time readers will remember that I went to the same event last year and had a blast! In case you’re unfamiliar, a create-a-thon is something where a bunch of people get together for an excessive amount of hours and just make stuff. Personally, I wanted to mess around with some charcoal and see what happened; one of my friends used paint, canvas, and a Hershey Kiss wrapper to craft something very abstract (idek, but it looks cool). Materials are everywhere and you can do whatever you want. It’s a great way to relax!

A dim but comprehensive view of this year's create-a-thon!

Of course, if you don’t feel like making things, you can attend one of the many events around campus and see what other people have been doing! One of the most vibrant scenes at Vandy is the performing arts community, and the Diwali Showcase is among the best acts. The Showcase is a beloved event hosted by SACE, one of the largest multicultural orgs on campus. Basically, the showcase combines storytelling and dancing to share the variety of ways Diwali, a Hindu holiday, can be celebrated. Check out these photos of yet another amazing performance!

Just one of many lovely performances at Diwali!
Everybody loves the Bhangradores!

What if you don’t vibe with such energetic environments? No need to worry, Vanderbilt has your back there as well! There are always opportunities to chill, whether they’re hosted by Vanderbilt, orgs, or your own friends. One event I went to recently (actually just before I came home for the holidays) was Queersgiving! The Lambda Association hosted this event at the KC Potter Center, which is a hub for LGBTQI+ life (it was also the site of sign-making to counter the recent Westboro Baptist Church visit). I have to say, there are few things better than being among friends, puppies, and surprisingly delicious Thanksgiving food! Well, maybe the exception is what followed: sinking into a crimson couch and sharing stories with friends and strangers. Doesn’t this look just like a place you’d want to chill?

I had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the KC Potter Center with this fine fellow!

Wonderful events like this are happening all the time around campus, and all of them would be better with your company. If you have any questions about how great it is to be a Vanderbilt student, just send me an email at! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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