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‘mellow mushroom’

Trivia, Trivia, Trivia

Jan. 16, 2015—It’s spring 2015 and I have finally arrived at the last semester of my Vanderbilt career. It has been a long journey but unfortunately it is time to call an end to my years as an undergraduate. How will I spend my last semester at Vanderbilt? I will make the most of the time that...

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Nov. 9, 2014—I present to you the alphabet of vegetarian campus dining! After having been around the block a few times (ie. West End, 21st, Hillsboro Village) and all over campus, I’ve compiled this list of my favorite dishes at various locations. Everything can be bought on the meal plan as a meal swipe or with Meal...

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Trivial Matters

Dec. 3, 2013—Taking down trash-talkers one trivia question and pizza slice at a time.

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White Panda and Class Excursions

Oct. 22, 2012—It seems like no weekend here at Vanderbilt is a boring weekend. And this weekend was no exception. After class on Friday, I spent my afternoon doing what I do best; loafing. I spent a good chunk of my Friday evening in my bed returning emails, calling friends and family, and catching up on my...

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Family Time in Nashville!

Apr. 3, 2012—As I mentioned in my last post, my sister had her senior thesis show on March 23, the same night as AOII’s formal.  In honor of the occasion, my family came to Nashville!

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