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Family Time in Nashville!

Posted by on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 in Family, General Information, Nashville.

As I mentioned in my last post, my sister had her senior thesis show on March 23, the same night as AOII’s formal.  In honor of the occasion, my family came to Nashville!

My parents, brother, two aunts, and grandparents were all in Nashville for a little less than a week.  Since I went to Florida for spring break with my friends, I hadn’t seen my family since the beginning of January, so I was very excited to see them!

Since my grandparents and aunts had never been to Nashville before, we did a lot of tourist-y things, like walk around on Broadway on a Sunday morning and go to the Loveless Cafe, so that they could experience things that are thoroughly Nashville.  I had actually never been to Loveless before, and my family being here was a great excuse!  (and now I know what all of the fuss about those biscuits is about!)  We also ate at Mellow Mushroom–my parents’ favorite place to eat in Nashville–and explored Hillsboro Village.

Even though I had classes to go to and schoolwork to do while they were here, I made the most of my family visiting and hung out with them as much as possible.  It was also such a good opportunity for me to explore more of Nashville, since sometimes I get so caught up in life on campus (the Vandy bubble, if you will) that I forget that there are some great things to see within a ten minute walk from my dorm!

Now that my family is back in California, there’s only a month left before I get to see them again in May! (Actually, I don’t want to think about that right now; lots of things to get done by then!)

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