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The One Where Matthew Talks about His Classes

Feb. 5, 2017—[Disclaimer: I don’t actually talk about Friends, I just wanted to have a catchy title.] Continuing the excitement from the previous article, I’d like to talk about academics and residential life (which isn’t nearly as exciting, but stick with me on this)! There has been plenty in this realm to keep me busy, but I...

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Fast Times at McGill High (Numero Dos)

Dec. 20, 2014—The most stereotypically McGill-esque events have been the three coffeehouses/open mic nights this semester. During these marathons of outlets of unrestrained creative expression that last from 7 pm to well past midnight, the real McGill comes out.

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Fast Times at McGill High

Dec. 19, 2014—I want to share with y'all the love for my home, the unique McGill House. I shall give example after example of the crazy awesome shenanigans that I have personally experienced throughout the semester. The hope is, if any of y’all resonate with what is written, that you come check out my humble abode!

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Just Another Manic Monday

Dec. 19, 2014—Experience the exciting conclusion to a day of the week that is mondane but certainly not mundane!

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A Weekend to End All Weekends

Oct. 21, 2014—A prominent 20th century philosopher once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". It's also pretty sweet. This weekend, though extraordinary, was not out of the ordinary. Every weekend takes me along for an unexpected ride, one that always manages to showcase many of the diverse facets of Vandy life. Join me as we experience the sights and sounds that this one particular trip took me through.

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