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‘mayfield project’

The One Where Matthew Talks about His Classes

Feb. 5, 2017—[Disclaimer: I don’t actually talk about Friends, I just wanted to have a catchy title.] Continuing the excitement from the previous article, I’d like to talk about academics and residential life (which isn’t nearly as exciting, but stick with me on this)! There has been plenty in this realm to keep me busy, but I...

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The Obligatory Philosophical Post

Sep. 17, 2016—Where do I even begin? I could ramble on about how nice it is to return to campus (though I’ve been back for nearly a month at this point), how despite the humidity and the heat, which now fade quite pleasantly into early autumn, I find no fault in this place, and how my classes...

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Ever the Planner

Mar. 15, 2016—Sure, it has been a while since I've posted, but just you wait, there's content a-coming.

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