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Cooking on the Meal Plan

Jan. 28, 2020—My older sister graduated from culinary school, and so naturally, cooking is in my blood. However, Vanderbilt requires that all students who live on-campus purchase a meal plan. In an effort to not waste money, I try to cook with groceries that are on the meal plan. We have little stores called Munchie Marts, and...

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My Favorite Meal for Dinner

Feb. 3, 2019—One of my favorite places to get dinner on campus is at 2301. 2301 is an allergen friendly dining option located in Rand. It has ingredients free from the top eight allergens. They offer smoothies, salads, sautés, and sides. When first come up to 2301, you will choose whether to go into the smoothie line or...

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Take Your Professor to Lunch

Mar. 23, 2016—Solving problems on campus and FREE food!

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The Nash Bash

Jun. 29, 2014—Upon arriving back home in the States, my friend M. picked me up and we drove back to her quaint summer home. Boy, was my body was grateful for horizontal sleeping surfaces after flying back from Switzerland!

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Mouth-watering Monell’s

Jul. 10, 2013—This post is late, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Allow me to tell you of the wonders of Monell’s.

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