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A Difficult Transition

Sep. 10, 2014—There’s a burning sensation in my heart and I don’t think its because I just took a Biochemistry exam. No, this is the kind of heartache that you go to see a cardiologist about. These deep pains originate from the one thing I love: Vanderbilt Football. The past two weeks have been rough. Actually, calling...

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Jae Goes to Bolivia: The First Day [Part 2]

Jun. 8, 2014—My first few days of travel and the story of my struggles as I attempt to go to Tarija, Bolivia.

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A Whole New World

Mar. 28, 2014—On May 4th 2014, I will be making a once in a lifetime trip to the country of Bolivia where I will spend four weeks shadowing and learning the intricacies of rural and community health care.

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Central Library Shenanigans

Sep. 12, 2012—One of my first experiences at the Central Library became an epic endeavor in search of a book.

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