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Fast Times at McGill High

Dec. 19, 2014—I want to share with y'all the love for my home, the unique McGill House. I shall give example after example of the crazy awesome shenanigans that I have personally experienced throughout the semester. The hope is, if any of y’all resonate with what is written, that you come check out my humble abode!

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LGBTQI “Safe Zone” Training for Allies

Feb. 25, 2014—This week is the Vanderbilt Office of LGBTQI Life’s Ally Days, and today I attended a Safe Zone training workshop to learn about personal and cultural identities, privilege, and what it means to be an Ally. It also serves as professional development for leaders and future employers. My favorite part of the session was a...

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Ain’t I a Woman?

Oct. 17, 2013—'Orange is the New Black' star's Journey into Womanhood

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Feb. 6, 2013—College is a time of empowerment. I think at our ages, between 18-22, we truly believe we make a difference So when we support the Children's Hospital with the annual Dance Marathon, when we go to National Coming Out Week events, or broke the world record last year for most vaccine shots in one place in eight hours for the Flulapalooza. And even if Vandy is still growing in its football program, it doesn't mean we can't fill a stadium because we don't have school spirit.

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