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‘Krispy Kreme’

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me

Sep. 20, 2013—Yesterday, the whole world celebrated a very select group of people: pirates. International Pirate Day, September 19, allowed our inner pirates to be free for a little while. Shiver me timbers! And of course, we pirates sought hidden treasure, which we found and looted from Krispy Kreme!

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I love the contrasts Rites of Spring brings

Apr. 21, 2013—This weekend was tons of fun, thanks to Rites of Spring :) I loved going last year as a freshman and staying the entire time, but I think I enjoyed popping in and out more this spring. The entire atmosphere of the event is pretty relaxed, like your typical music festival—the bands perform enthusiastically, people bring coolers and sit on picnic blankets, and there are several food trucks and tables where people can buy T-shirts, drinks, or food...

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