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Multiculturalism in College

May. 28, 2019—Hello hello, Inside ‘Dores readers! In this post, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite things about coming to college: multiculturalism and religious diversity! I’m a cradle Catholic, so when I came to Vanderbilt, I knew that I was going to attend Catholic masses and be involved in UCat (the Catholic community made...

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Musicals, Holi, Drumming, Oh My!

Apr. 11, 2017—Hello everyone! I’m Yuqi, and I’m here with the first of many updates on my adventures at Vanderbilt! While I’m still shocked that there are only 2 weeks of school left (and then finals!!!), this also means that many cultural and performance arts groups have been fitting in their last events and performances in the...

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Happiness in Color

Apr. 10, 2016—If you walk across Alumni Lawn at any given time on any given day during the school year, you’ll be able to see two things. The first is me eating at Bamboo Bistro (come say hi. I’m literally there every day). The second is some kind of indication of what cool event is happening on...

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Holi Moly!

Apr. 18, 2013—When I get stressed about school, I like to take a short study break. So I decided to participate in Holi, the Indian color festival.

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