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I’ve Always Wanted an Older Sister: Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian Sorority!

Mar. 8, 2016—Ten minutes before the introduction to Phi Lamb, I walked determinedly across the Vandy bridge and promised myself I wouldn't say yes. And then they asked if I wanted to join, and well, they were just too wonderful. And now I'm so, so happy to say that I'm a Lamb!!! Read on for why Phi Lamb!

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It’s Been a Few Weeks Since Bid Day And….

Feb. 13, 2015—Can’t picture Bid Day? Imagine this: flower headbands, face paint, tutus, yelling, blaring music, jumping, and hugging people you’re meeting for the first time. Although it seems like months since over 500 girls sat anxiously on their bid cards in the Student Learning Center (which was its own type of cruel and unusual punishment), it’s...

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I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

May. 27, 2013—This semester, I had the opportunity to attend my first-ever sorority date party with my dear pal, Lauren, a member of Alpha Chi Omega. What's all the hype with Greek date parties, you ask? Here's the two-cents you've been looking for, from a non-Greek, costume-loving, incoming junior.

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My 4 Sides of Greek Life

Jan. 31, 2011—A few weeks ago Erica and Eileen gave you a good idea of what the decision to go Greek or not is like for a freshman at Vanderbilt. However, as a senior who has literally been on all sides of the system, I thought I would share some my experiences with you also. Read on...

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