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‘getting involved’

Multiculturalism in College

May. 28, 2019—Hello hello, Inside ‘Dores readers! In this post, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite things about coming to college: multiculturalism and religious diversity! I’m a cradle Catholic, so when I came to Vanderbilt, I knew that I was going to attend Catholic masses and be involved in UCat (the Catholic community made...

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Volunteering at Vanderbilt

Apr. 18, 2019—Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to talk (write?) a little about the amazing volunteer opportunities I’ve taken advantage of here at Vanderbilt. As prospective students, I’m sure y’all have had a ton of volunteer experience in high school and want to try to incorporate that into your college lifestyle. I know that I sure did!...

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Connecting with Administrators

Jul. 15, 2017—Chancellor. Vice Chancellor. Provost. Dean. College is filled with administrators with titles that may sound scary and intimidating. However for anyone thinking about coming to Vanderbilt, or who is already here, I’d like to take this post to talk about how accessible the administration is, which is super cool, because it means that students like...

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Vanderbilt Club Rowing

Jul. 12, 2015—If you’re an incoming first-year, someone in your life has probably given you the spiel about how “college is a time to try new things.” It sounds cheesy, but it’s also one of the most exciting things about beginning your first year of college. When I was in your position just one year ago, I...

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Making Campus Greener

Dec. 10, 2012—Getting involved in environmental groups on campus has opened the doors for me to really make a difference in making Vanderbilt a greener school.

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