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Why It’s Okay to Change Your Mind about Your Major

Apr. 2, 2019—It has been about a week since regular decisions came out, so firstly, I want to say: Welcome new class of 2023! Being accepted to college is an exciting experience. After the excitement can often come uncertainty. All of a sudden, it seems that everyone wants you to make a decision that might affect the...

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Uncertainty in College

Jan. 21, 2019—I came to college pretty sure that I wanted to be an engineer. Math and physics were always my strong suits, and along with my logical thinking style – as well as the rest of the people in my life saying how great of a career it would be for me – it just seemed...

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It all Begins Again

Mar. 15, 2013—Today marks the beginning of the return of football season. Today marks Day 1 of Vanderbilt Spring Football. Today we return to rebuilding Vanderbilt Football so that we can return to the Golden Days of the 20's and 30's.

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