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(Belated) First Day Advice

Aug. 27, 2017—As I shuffled into Furman 114, a classroom that was going to become a holding tank for 150 students during the next hour, I was both eager and uncertain. I ruminated over the fact that where I decided to sit in this very moment would set the precedent for not only every other class period...

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What my Freshman Year Roommate Taught Me

May. 18, 2017—Honestly, I was extremely anxious about my first roommate, especially since I met her through Facebook. We only messaged each other a few times over the summer to coordinate things for the room. I wondered if she would like me or if we would get along. But after my freshman year, I could not have...

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What is Cognitive Studies?

Apr. 30, 2014—What is cognitive studies and why should you study it? This major in Peabody College of Education and Human Development is the study of the mind and the brain and their relationship to each other, with elements of computer science, philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology.

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Media Immersion

Sep. 24, 2013—Finding my niche and meeting new people as a fresh member of the Class of 2017.

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I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Mar. 1, 2013—A huge part of the college experience is the friends you make. Some of them are the long-term kind that will eventually lead distant relatives in the Macarena at your wedding reception. There are also the kind of friends that you had a Statistics class with once, so you awkwardly smile at them whenever you walk past them on the way to class. Regardless, all of the people you invest in and engage with during your college experience are important, and I thought I was done making friends by the end of freshman year. AU CONTRAIRE.

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