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‘freshman experience’

Vanderbilt’s Hidden Gems

Apr. 8, 2019—With freshman year coming to a close, and a new freshman class preparing to enter Vanderbilt’s class of 2023, I started thinking about the reasons why I love Vanderbilt so much. Even before coming to Vanderbilt, I knew there was a lot to love about it. But once I got here, I discovered a whole...

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How to Find a Roommate 101

Dec. 21, 2017—If you know me, you probably know that my roommate and I are attached at the hip. We’re always laughing together, and we just get each other. I thank the universe all the time to have blessed me with a roommate who is one of my closest friends. I know a lot of incoming freshmen...

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Worried about the Freshman 15?

Oct. 16, 2017—Ah, the notorious freshman 15. We’ve all heard of it, and some of us may have even experienced it. According to human psychology, the freshman 15 can be explained in the sense that humans tend to eat more when given more food options, are placed in a social setting, and are generally happier. However, the...

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Vandy Ever After…

Feb. 11, 2015—Why go to Disney World when you can get it all plus more at Vanderbilt?

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