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‘Free Stuff’

The Ultimate List of Life Hacks for Future First-Years

May. 30, 2019—A quick update on my life right now: After a long and much-needed respite from schoolwork, stress, exams, and papers–pretty much everything, really–I’m BACK on Vanderbilt’s campus to be a counselor at Camp Vandy, which is a summer program for elementary-age kids put on by the Rec. The best part is that I get to...

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Free Stuffff!!

Oct. 21, 2015—It’s easy to forget to be thankful for what you have when you’re busy 24/7, so while complaining about all the precious sleep that I haven’t been getting, I decided to take a minute to appreciate what I have.

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The Freshman 15…actually it’s 5…

Mar. 23, 2013—Freshman 15? Its a are my 'freshman 5'!

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Who doesn’t?

Jan. 16, 2013—Want more free stuff? Here are the insider tips to how to get more free things at Vanderbilt!

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