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“They Answer I Present”: Why Vanderbilt (Part 3)

Oct. 17, 2019—The question of “Why Vanderbilt” has been on the back of my mind during my years at Vanderbilt. My academic advisor also asked me this question the first time we met. Then, when I was learning Japanese grammar to give reasons—〜ので、~んです、〜から—I made sample sentences that answered the question. More recently, when applying to write for...

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An A&S Student’s Journey through the 4 Undergraduate Schools

Jan. 29, 2017—With job searches, graduate school considerations, new leadership positions, and the sad realization of my last year here at Vandy, last semester was a roller coaster of emotions. The one defining aspect of this year is quite unique. Last semester, I took classes in all four undergraduate schools, and I’m proudly continuing that practice in my...

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