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‘Food trucks’

Exploring Nashville

Nov. 25, 2019—Nashville is truly a busy city! There is constantly so much occurring that it is borderline impossible to be truly bored. Earlier this semester, I was able to attend the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival in Centennial Park as part of an extra credit assignment for one of my classes. It was truly a great experience,...

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Nov. 26, 2015—A lovely afternoon spent at a local craft festival!

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Rites 2013

Apr. 26, 2013—As a resident of Alumni Lawn, I didn’t even have to leave my dorm room to hear Rites this year! During the days leading up to Rites, I saw the entire structure being built, along with fences set up around Alumni Lawn, building the excitement for the two day event. This year’s Rites was the...

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A Beautiful Day at Centennial Park

Sep. 23, 2012—This weekend, I finally got the chance to check out the Musician's Corner free concert series. It turned out to be a beautiful day weather-wise and it was great to sit back and listen to music along with getting food from some of Nashville's food trucks.

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Dinner and a Movie

Oct. 15, 2011—Each month, VSG hosts a movie night on Alumni Lawn that usually involves cool food. Last night’s theme was eating food out of a truck, because food trucks are actually very popular and esteemed in Nashville.

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