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The Ultimate List of Life Hacks for Future First-Years

May. 30, 2019—A quick update on my life right now: After a long and much-needed respite from schoolwork, stress, exams, and papers–pretty much everything, really–I’m BACK on Vanderbilt’s campus to be a counselor at Camp Vandy, which is a summer program for elementary-age kids put on by the Rec. The best part is that I get to...

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How to Get Rich and NOT Die Tryin

Feb. 17, 2014—When I say the words: college student. what is the first thing that you think of? Maybe you're philosophical and all that and think: "the future." Me? Not so much. The first word I think of is poor. Poor College Student. These two go perfectly together, like teenage girls and vampires. Here is my guide to get rich but not die tryin'.

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