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Zeppos – Not Your Average Chancellor

Mar. 10, 2017—As a Vandy student, it can sometimes feel difficult and even intimidating to get engaged with the faculty. My first class at Vandy was a Microeconomics lecture with over 200 students, and I remember moments when I would want to ask a question or even just ask my professor to repeat a certain topic, and...

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Fast Times at McGill High

Dec. 19, 2014—I want to share with y'all the love for my home, the unique McGill House. I shall give example after example of the crazy awesome shenanigans that I have personally experienced throughout the semester. The hope is, if any of y’all resonate with what is written, that you come check out my humble abode!

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Helping You Research Research at Vanderbilt

Dec. 18, 2014—How do you get into research at Vanderbilt? Isn’t it scary contacting world-class professors? What if I haven’t done any research yet? I got you.

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Can you play music without majoring in music?

Nov. 18, 2014—Whether you are a violinist, clarinetist, or tenor who loves Vanderbilt but would like to pursue engineering, psychology, or economics as a career, it is possible for you to be a part of the music program on campus without becoming a performance major at the Blair School of Music, even when you are accepted to a different school!

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