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Being a Non-Greek Life Student at Vandy

Nov. 27, 2019—In movies about college, why do they always show the sorority girls as the hot, popular it-girls? And that fraternity brothers rule the school? Totally false advertising. I’m here to tell you that at Vanderbilt, that is definitely not the case. Not being in Greek Life here is not the end of the world by...

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Sep. 17, 2013—The beginning of this semester has been so chaotic that I haven't even had the time to write my first blog until almost a month after the semester started! I love beginning a new year because it means seeing old friends again, starting to acquire new knowledge, and taking on new projects. This semester in particular I have been revamping my life a little bit and am embarking on several new uses for my time...

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This year I’m grateful for stress

Jan. 13, 2013—This first week back at Vandy has been an incredibly long and stressful one, but I’m still optimistic that things will improve...

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