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Mar. 20, 2016—  “If someone from admission was here to take a picture of this room for the brochure, they would.” The truth is that no matter how diverse a university brochure is, it never truly tells the multi-layered story of each 1,600 person Vanderbilt class. Each student comes from a racially and geographically diverse background. Falling...

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Puppies in the Park

Apr. 5, 2012—There were a ton of really great Greek philanthropy events this weekend including AOPi’s baseball-themed Strike Out Arthritis and AXO’s Volley Against Violence, but one in particular caught my attention.

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Kathryn Stockett at Vanderbilt

Nov. 22, 2011—I knew Vanderbilt was amazing at getting entertaining speakers to come to campus, but I couldn’t believe they got Kathryn Stockett, the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Help.

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