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Becoming a parent…

Apr. 11, 2019—of a Pea Plant! As part of Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR), I’ve been raising a pea plant from seed to sprout for a few weeks in preparation to plant it in our community garden on campus. Check out my plant’s progress so far!     Nature! Wow! Growth! Follow the community garden...

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What’s A Vanderbilt Student Anyway?

May. 10, 2015—Being a Vanderbilt student means fighting to be a Vanderbilt student.

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An Ode To The Class of 2015

May. 10, 2015—I miss the Class of 2015 already, but great things are to come!

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To be a BEAN: Bettering Environmental Awareness and Nutrition

Jan. 25, 2015—This school year, a group of ten students is completing a Mayfield project on campus to learn how to produce and consume food in an environmentally-friendly manner. The VanderBEANS first examined their own eating habits, and then educated themselves by watching and discussing several documentaries such as Food, Inc. and King Corn. In October they spent...

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After WilSkills

Aug. 27, 2014—The outdoor recreation experience at Vanderbilt goes beyond WilSkills. Read more for a list of all the cheap/free ways to get involved and get outside!

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