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My WORST college nightmare came true :(

Sep. 30, 2016—Not my proudest moment...

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It’s Election Season!

Mar. 23, 2016—A look inside the election process of VSG.

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Vanderbilt Student Government

Feb. 8, 2011—Last week Vanderbilt undergraduates voted and elected a new Student Body President and Exceutive Vice President.  After an dedicated campaign, Adam Meyer and Maryclaire Manard won with 54.2% of the votes –  a close race.  Check our their platform here. Vanderbilt Student Government, or VSG, is a student organization that represents Vandy Undergraduates – not only...

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Groundhog Day

Feb. 5, 2011—Wednesday, February 2nd, marked another year of America getting in touch with its agrarian roots and looking to nature for answers. Specifically, we look to a very special rodent named Punxsatawney Phil to predict the end of winter. At Vanderbilt, we celebrated Groundhog Day in a slightly different manner. First, whether through stunning coincidence or...

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