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Vanderbilt Student Government

Posted by on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Speakers Committee, Student Life.

Last week Vanderbilt undergraduates voted and elected a new Student Body President and Exceutive Vice President.  After an dedicated campaign, Adam Meyer and Maryclaire Manard won with 54.2% of the votes –  a close race.  Check our their platform here.

Vanderbilt Student Government, or VSG, is a student organization that represents Vandy Undergraduates – not only to the faculty but in Nashville and the greater communities.

There are so many roles in VSG.  Most positions are elected: there is an Executive Board, Cabinet and Senate, Area Representatives, and House Presidents.  There are also seven committees that focus on different parts of campus life:  Organizational Relations, Campus Services, Student Services and Technology, Community Service, Environmental Affairs, Security and an Athletics Committee.

In addition, there is a competitive First-Year Leaders Program, for first year student leaders to get involved in planning school-wide events.  So many ways to get involved if StudentGovernment is something that interests you!

Maryclaire shares about her VSG experience:

“VSG is one of the best ways to get involved at Vanderbilt because you are exposed to so much more about your alma mater that you may not have known otherwise! You get to meet with administrators and student leaders around campus to enact real change and bring tangible results to positively impact the lives of 6,500 undergraduates. From Acfee to VandyVans, from Taste of Nashville to Co-sponsorships of the month – VSG is everywhere!”

For more information, read about VSG Services and check out other news.

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