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Schedule of a Second-Semester Freshman Vandy student (Pre-Med Edition)

Feb. 10, 2020—Hello world! I am so excited to say that this is my first blog post on Inside Dores! To read more about me and what I am excited for in my Vandy career, I have a short bio that tells you about all my plans and other nifty things. To sum things up, I’m currently...

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Thoughts on First Semester (And What Changed)

Feb. 2, 2019—I didn’t think a lot would change in terms of my academic aspirations during my first semester of college. I was a stubborn incoming freshman. In retrospect, that was a dumb mindset. Because a lot did change. I had walked into Vanderbilt as a pre-med student planning to major in anthropology, a subject I’d known...

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School is Cool. Like, Actually.

Dec. 6, 2014—So I just finished my last class of the semester. I am not an emotional person, but I swear to you, the last meetings of some of my classes made me irrationally sad. Maybe I’m really invested in my classes, or maybe I’m just a nerd, but regardless, I just need to take a moment...

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Why You Should Add Vanderbilt to Your College List

Nov. 9, 2014—If you’re currently a high school senior, and you’re anything like me, the list of colleges you’re applying to is still in flux, and probably will be up until the very last day before apps are due. You’ve probably been looking forward to going to college for some time now, and it’s crazy to imagine...

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Coolest Classes at Vandy: English 200

Dec. 6, 2013—With the semester coming to a close, it’s been a little hard to get in the holiday spirit with finals looming in the distance, but I had some help courtesy of Professor Amanda Little, who teaches one of the best classes I've taken at Vandy!

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