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Mar. 9, 2021—A few weeks ago, Nashville received a couple inches of snow. Being from Indiana, I am used to getting snow like that several times each winter, but it is rare for Nashville to receive that kind of snow. Because of this, the roads were not plowed and the sidewalks were covered in snow for several...

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A {snowy} weekend of dance!

Jan. 29, 2020—This past weekend I went to my first collegiate dance competition as part of Lakshya, a student-run South Asian Fusion dance team here at Vandy! Although we didn’t place in the top 3, it was still a super fun experience and we cannot wait for our next competition coming up in a few weeks. The...

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There’s Always Next Year

Nov. 22, 2014—As a Titans fan, this seems to be our motto that we have adopted. I guess it’s not as bad as being a Jags fan but its just as bad. The other day, the Titans played the Pittsburg Steelers where we gave up a substantial lead and almost surely knocked ourselves out of any chance...

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My First American Thanksgiving

Dec. 8, 2013—I’ve had the privilege of experiencing quite a large number of American things over the past year and four months. One notable thing I didn’t get the chance to do last year, however, was celebrate an authentic American Thanksgiving. I had spent Thanksgiving break with a friend from back home, and the true spirit of...

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The first week of…spring?

Mar. 22, 2013—Nashville has always had weird weather patterns--you wake up at 7 a.m. and it's 30 degrees outside but by the end of the afternoon, you're yanking off layers because it's 65! That being said, the weather right now tops all of that...

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