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‘Class of 2016’

Scholars and Education

Jan. 25, 2015—Before I begin talking about Education Awareness Week, let me first tell you about the Peabody Patterson Scholars: The Peabody Patterson Scholars are a group of education majors that have been awarded the Patterson Scholarship, sponsored by none other than Vanderbilt graduate and New York Times #1 Best Seller, James Patterson. In recent years, James Patterson...

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Chin Up

May. 3, 2013—So this is it. Overweight suitcases and hastily stuffed duffel bags line the hallway. Parents scurry around, last minute packing ensues. Someone inevitably loses a something – a room key, a microwave, a Kindle. It’s all quite cacophonic, but a singular bleakness pervades the air. As the freshmen – or should I say the rising...

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A Whole New World: The First Few Days of College

Aug. 17, 2012—The day has finally come; Vanderbilt’s Class of 2016 will be moving TOMORROW! A year ago this was me, and while I was beyond excited, I was also very nervous.

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VanderBabies (Part 3 of 3)

Aug. 10, 2012—Well, Janine and Pranjal, VanderBabies 1 and 2, have been exposed to the world of the Vanderbilt Admissions website. Now meet the final Class of 2016 student that I am interviewing, Justin Yeh!

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VanderBabies! (Part 2 of 3)

Aug. 7, 2012—As mentioned in my previous blog, I am interviewing three students from my high school that will be attending Vanderbilt in the fall. I have already introduced Janine, VanderBaby 1/3. Now… meet Pranjal Gupta! Pranjal graduated from Auburn High School this spring as an IB Diploma Candidate and is attending Vanderbilt as a Cornelius Vanderbilt...

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