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Frozen Frolicking

Feb. 1, 2013—I've been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this day to come. It finally snowed! What was first frankly a few flurries flourished into a flutter of fantastic flakes, fitting for the frigid temperatures we have been facing in the last few days before February.

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My First Taste of Engineering

Sep. 26, 2012—Now this might sound strange, but I was actually really excited for this semester's classes to start. I am a sophomore biomedical engineering major and this is the first semester in which I can take actual engineering classes!

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Final Projects

Mar. 26, 2012—For better or for worse, there are a lot of indicators that I’m becoming an upperclassman (see Figure 1). I have a lot of (sometimes unwanted) responsibilities in ROTC, I’m finding myself considering leadership in multiple school organizations, and my schoolwork is maturing from problem sets to more design and analysis-based projects.

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How I Know the Robots Are After Me

Mar. 1, 2012—Earlier in the semester (MUCH earlier), I talked about my first day of Mechatronics class. I mentioned the kit we’d be working with, complete with Arduino micro-controller, circuit components, and other such tools. Each week in February (the kits came into the bookstore late), we’ve had an assignment involving creating or modifying code for the...

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Reading Day

Dec. 9, 2011—As several of my fellow bloggers have mentioned, yesterday, Thursday, was the last day of classes for the fall semester. Final examinations officially begin on Saturday, running until Saturday next, and leaving a single day in between known as the Reading Day. According to Wikipedia, “Some universities refer to a week of reading days as...

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