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Volunteering at Vanderbilt

Apr. 18, 2019—Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to talk (write?) a little about the amazing volunteer opportunities I’ve taken advantage of here at Vanderbilt. As prospective students, I’m sure y’all have had a ton of volunteer experience in high school and want to try to incorporate that into your college lifestyle. I know that I sure did!...

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Let Me Tell You About the Education Major

Oct. 11, 2015—Now that I’m in my second year at Vanderbilt, I have a pretty standard list of points to hit when people ask me why I love my school.  Campus during the fall? Check. Being surrounded by cool people? Check. Eating at Bamboo Bistro, our on-campus pho restaurant? Check. The overwhelming amount of opportunities to get...

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uMzantsi Afrika

Jul. 20, 2014—Since I still can't give a coherent answer to the question "How was South Africa?", I'm contenting myself with writing more detailed summaries. Enjoy this edition, featuring children, expectations v. reality, and WiFi drama »

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Learn and Live

Nov. 17, 2013—Learn and Do: Volunteering at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and my Hospitalized Child Class.

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Field trippin’…in Kentucky

Oct. 10, 2013—As part of my Hospitalized Child class, a special topic in the child development department, I took a field trip down to Kentucky to volunteer at Camp for Courageous Kids.

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Vanderbilt Undergrad Research, and You Can Too!

Dec. 13, 2012—Research isn't just for chemistry majors and people in white lab coats. If an HOD major who doesn't have her life figured out yet can do it, anyone can.

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