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Why It’s Okay to Change Your Mind about Your Major

Apr. 2, 2019—It has been about a week since regular decisions came out, so firstly, I want to say: Welcome new class of 2023! Being accepted to college is an exciting experience. After the excitement can often come uncertainty. All of a sudden, it seems that everyone wants you to make a decision that might affect the...

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What Will You Be?

Apr. 2, 2013—Like Nathan, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2017.  As I prepare to graduate in about a month, I envy your position right now, getting ready to start a crazy and fun learning and growing experience (aka college).  From his original post, Nathan has inspired me to think about ways...

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Class of 2017 – What Will You Be?

Apr. 1, 2013—So, you’re in. Congratulations! You’ve overcome some of the toughest admissions odds in the nation to earn that shiny brochure and the acceptance letter you’ll hold onto for your scrapbook (if you’re into scrapbooking). Now that you’ve scaled that mountain, though, and the path to Vanderbilt is fully paved ahead of you… why come?

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Find your niche.

May. 1, 2012—Trust me, these last few weeks have been stressful, as we all have had projects, papers, and exams galore, but… If you do it right, the stress can be very rewarding in the end. You just have to find the place you belong. A major that you enjoy and also understand in all its complexities....

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