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What Will You Be?

Posted by on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 in Academics, College Life, Diversity, Freshman Life, General Information, Service, Student Life, Study Abroad.

Like Nathan, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2017.  As I prepare to graduate in about a month, I envy your position right now, getting ready to start a crazy and fun learning and growing experience (aka college).  From his original post, Nathan has inspired me to think about ways Vanderbilt has changed me and what I have learned from these four years.  So, in a shameless copycat style, I respond to Nathan’s original question: What will happen to you if you choose to come here to Vandy?

You will be united.  I don’t know if it’s living together on the Commons the first year or what, but Vanderbilt has such a spirit of unity and of community.  You see it at sporting events, when people throw up their VUs.  You see it at concerts when the majority of the student population is together enjoying the music.  You see it in the incredible friendships you make.  Unity is a huge part of life here, and it’s something I love.

You will be adventurous.  When I first came to Vanderbilt, I certainly never imagined spending a month in Tanzania.  I definitely could not imagine an entire semester in Senegal – I mean, I had only left the country once before!  There’s something about coming to Vanderbilt that makes you want to explore and learn.  You interact with people from extremely diverse backgrounds and feel inspired to get out into the world and learn.  Whether this means going to Hillel for free falafel to attending cultural events like ANYF to spending time abroad in a new country, Vanderbilt and its students will inspire you to explore and learn.

You will be enthused. All Vanderbilt students have something they are really passionate about – whether it’s service, healthcare policy, golf, juggling, or something even more unique.  In my opinion, it’s the passion that really makes everyone so interesting on campus – for everyone has such unique interests.  Aside from that, we are all honestly enthused about Vanderbilt life.  Everyone you ever meet from Vanderbilt in the future will tell you how fantastic it is.  I know that sounds like I’m making it up, but whenever I run into VU grads at home or on campus tours, they gush with enthusiasm about the school and their time here.

You will be busy.  (Honestly, you probably already are.)  I always feel like Vanderbilt students spend half their days running to work, extracurriculars, and social events – and that doesn’t even include class or homework!  Seriously though, Vanderbilt students have their passions (as I mention above) and will devote a lot of their time to them.  We are not a school where you spend your entire day studying, but rather one with a lot going on and a lot of variety.  It’s something I’ve always appreciated, though it does require you to keep your schedule organized.

You will be changed.  I know Nathan already used this on, but it’s so true that it needs restating.  You come in thinking you’re pretty perfect the way you are, so why would you want to change?  It’s not a conscious effort, but rather something that evolves from having challenging classes, diverse and fantastic friends, and an incredible campus.  It comes from the activities in which you get involved and the new experiences you have.  It’s more than just growing up, it’s improving.  Life at Vanderbilt has inspired and molded me for the better, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  That being said, what will happen to you when you decide to come to Vandy?

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