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The Suite Life of Chaffin 115

Nov. 25, 2014—It's the Thanksgiving season, so I thought I might write a little about how thankful I am for my suities. The formation of our suite came together rather haphazardly, mostly because we had never all met each other before, but now we are lovely, wonderful friends. Feasting together during our suitie blunches, which is like a brunch except with more of a lunch feel, the four of us have become a close quartet of housemates.

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Housing Happiness

Mar. 26, 2013—An insider's guide to the housing process here at Vandy.

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Goodbye Currey, Hello Chaffin

Jul. 23, 2012—You might remember this post on living in Kissam Quad. Well, Kissam Quad now looks a little like this so unless you are reading this post a year or so into the future, you can see why I will no longer be living there. However, this is nothing to mourn over because while I will...

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