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The 5 Reasons You Don’t Really Need a Car at Vandy

Aug. 26, 2013—The fall semester of 2013 means lots of "firsts" for me: my first job on campus, my first time living in a 4-person suite, and my first time bringing the good ol' Orland mini-van to campus. While having access to non-bus and non-cab transportation has been a luxury, having a car at Vandy is definitely something I could comfortably live without. The "swagger wagon", if you will, is a nice-to-have, but not a must-have.

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To drive or not to drive

Apr. 9, 2013—For my social studies methods class, our final project is to create a geodiary about our community and it got me thinking about how my physical community broadened significantly after I got my car this year. So, I realized that this could be an important blog post for prospective Vanderbilt students: do you bring a car to Vandy or not? Here is my pros/cons list...

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Caitlyn’s Catch-Ups: A Friday Night Fiasco

Dec. 14, 2012—Part 2 of my catch-up series: A Sonic Adventure. What started out as a quick trip to the thrift store to pick up last minute pieces of our halloween costumes turned into a night that I won't soon forget.

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The Ride Home

Jan. 1, 2012—Just over two weeks ago, I fired up the Nathan-mobile to head home for Christmas break, triumphant to have conquered my Circuits and Thermodynamics finals and ready to enjoy some much-needed relaxation time. After forgetting a bag at my dorm, I was forced to turn around about 45 minutes out of Nashville to pick it...

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