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Registering for Classes: What you need to know

May. 28, 2018—If you’re anything like I was the summer before my first year, you’re probably super excited to choose your classes for your first semester in college! [Insert wholesome words of encouragement and “the world is your oyster” like phrases here]. Now onto the good stuff! First, I would recommend getting comfortable with YES (Your Enrollment...

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Not for the Faint of Heart: Math 2500

Dec. 22, 2015—As I looked around on the first day of class Math 2500: Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra, thirty-nine other kids sat in the chairs in the classroom in Stevenson 1. By the time of the final exam, eighteen remained. This is the story of the first semester of the best math class offered in freshman year, called Math 2500, taught by the legend who is Professor Bruce Hughes.

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A ‘First’ Class Semester

Nov. 26, 2014—As this semester draws to a close—and before the hurricane of finals week arrives—I thought it would be a good idea to tell y'all about my classes at Vanderbilt as well as the amazing professors I have had the pleasure of learning from.

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You hit submit!

Jan. 16, 2014—I was made aware of something both exciting and infuriating the other day—apparently the Common App deadline was extended! Can you believe it? Back in my day, kids (well, senior year super-procrastinator Priyanka) had to slave through the holidays on those applications, and here I am now finding out that you guys had until JANUARY...

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Time is a Fickle Thing

Apr. 12, 2013—It really is. Waiting until you slip into a comfortable pace of undulating routine, it creeps up, unbeknownst to you, and assaults you with all its might, leaving you dazed and confused, so much so that you can’t wonder what has happened, and all you can do is lament the fact that as soon as...

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