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A Day in the Life of a Blair student

Mar. 26, 2019—I’ve recently been receiving many questions about how I balance my life as a music major interested in other subjects. Since it’s the time of the year when regular admissions decisions are released, I thought I’d describe my schedule to give a taste of what a typical day looks like. As I’ve mentioned in my...

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Are Vanderbilt students always busy?

Oct. 25, 2015—The short answer is yes. Read this post to find out why.

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Twinkle toes

Oct. 26, 2013—An artescape downtown au Peter Pan...

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When the Going Gets Tough

Sep. 25, 2013—...this girl relies on coffee, sleep and Grey’s Anatomy to make it through the week.

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Midterm Madness

Feb. 25, 2013—Midterms are upon us! In the coming week, I’m sure you’ll hear a great (and valid) amount about the trials and tribulations of midterm examinations, pontifications and dissertations on Westernization, and other such things. I’m beating the rest of Inside ‘Dores to the punch, however – my midterm week came early, and it was a...

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The Final Countdown

Apr. 15, 2012—It's that time of year, blog-readers. Everything is spiraling into a just-barely-manageable madness. Every club I'm part of leadership for has events to help coordinate, final speeches and essays are due, and actual finals are just around the corner. Meanwhile, I'm trying to enjoy the time I have left with friends here in Nashville (particularly the soon-to-graduate seniors) and enjoy my final weeks here before I return home for the summer.

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