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Are Vanderbilt students always busy?

Posted by on Sunday, October 25, 2015 in Academics, Alumni, College Life, Dining, Extracurriculars, Greek Life, Student Life, Traditions, Undergraduate Research, Vanderbilt Programming Board.

Are Vanderbilt students always busy?

For me, the answer is most definitely yes.  This past Thursday night/Friday morning, I wasn’t able to go to bed until 5:30 AMAM? Yes, AM!  I went to bed at 5:30 AM because I was writing a paper for my World War II class about Japanese stereotypes and misconceptions during the war.

I had to write my essay on this book.

I’ll admit it.  My time management skills aren’t the best.  I should have written this paper during my fall break, but to be fair, I didn’t realize how busy my week would end up being.  Even after going to bed at 5:30 AM and waking up at 8:00 AM, I wasn’t able to take a nap because I didn’t have the time!  Seriously, this is how my day went…

8:00 AM: I woke up after 2 ½ hours of sleep and made some edits to my essay.  Then, I washed up, printed my paper out, and headed to my research lab meeting.

9:00 AMMy lab discussed this review paper on the history of Clathrin, a vesicle coat-protein that is involved in protein trafficking (p.s. expect a blog post about undergraduate research later this semester).

10:00 AM: I handed in my paper in my World War II discussion class, but I was so tired during class that I just sat there and did not participate in our discussion at all.  Words pretty much went in one ear and out the other.

11:00 AM: We played charades in Spanish class to help us with some vocabulary.

12:00 PM: I had a break for lunch, but I was supposed to meet up with the president of my fraternity to discuss the budget because I am the treasurer.  He cancelled the meeting, so I ended up getting food at Rand and taking it to go because I wanted to eat really quickly and take a quick nap before my next class.  Sadly, when I got back to my room, my roommates distracted me and didn’t let me sleep.

1:00 PM: We talked about glycolysis, the first step in metabolism, in biochemistry class!

2:00 PM: I ran a quick experiment at my lab.  I also finished a Spanish assignment that was due at midnight while my experiment was running, so I killed two birds with one stone!

4:30 PM: I left my lab and headed to my physical therapy appointment.  I got surgery on my labrum in late July, so I’m almost back to normal!

6:30 PM: I got dinner with my roommate at this Thai place called Golden Thai (My rating: 8/10).

8:00 PM: I went to Commodore Quake, a fall concert that takes place in Memorial Gym during Homecoming weekendThird Eye Blind and The Band Perry performed!

The Band Perry performing at Commodore Quake!
Third Eye Blind performing at Commodore Quake!

12:00 PM: I didn’t want to go out to a party because I had to do service in the morning, so I just went to bed.

At Vanderbilt, I am very busy; however, I choose to be this busy because this is the way that I like to do college.  There are many Vanderbilt students that are busier than me and there are many students that have oodles of free time.  The great thing is: there are a bunch of things going on and you can choose to get involved in and go to whatever you want.

Thanks for reading about my life,

-Jeff Yung

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