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Favorite Off Campus Study Breaks

Dec. 1, 2016—With my second fall semester winding down, I should be studying for finals, but all I can think about is Christmas Break! I’ve only been back from Thanksgiving for a week, and I’m already overwhelmed by the end of semester assignments and finals prep. Some days, the best thing for my sanity is to take...

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Restaurant Recon

Jul. 23, 2013—Once a week, the student workers in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions go to dinner together, in an effort to get out and explore the food side of Nashville. Each week we pick a different local Nashville restaurant, and in this post, I present to you--in no particular order--a list of my top 3 favorites so far!

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Blueberry Muffins and the Taste of Disappointment

Nov. 6, 2011—Yesterday morning I forwent the standard weekend Rand Brunch with some friends in order to try my hand at nearly-forgotten culinary skills, namely the baking of muffins of the blueberry variety. As I mixed water and pre-made muffin mix, I couldn’t help but think of myself as a pioneer, preparing to live only from the...

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