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‘biomedical engineering’

Freshman Engineering: ES140 Modules

Dec. 16, 2014—Hey guys! Having just finished my first semester as a Vandy engineering major, I think this is the perfect time to talk a bit more about the School of Engineering and freshman engineering at Vanderbilt. I’ve received emails from some of y’all asking about my experiences so far so I hope that this blog post...

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Marathon Summer: Unconventional Engineering

May. 2, 2014—*Guest blog by my roommate and fellow burger-enthusiast, Mary Kate Hardy Last semester I discovered one of the hidden gems of engineering in the form of a Biomedical Engineering elective course, titled Service Learning in Guatemala. This course included a trip to Guatemala over Spring Break to repair and service medical equipment. Never have I had more fun in an engineering class. The hands-on learning experience was incredible, and fine dining and zip lining with your professors was a blast too.

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Let Them Eat Cake

Oct. 22, 2013—Yesterday was a great day due to the fact that I got free cake not once, but twice! If I haven't said it enough, I love sugar, so I'm all over the scene when there is free dessert. When I got two emails yesterday telling me that there would be free cake for biomedical engineers and at my sorority, I was really excited and naturally went to both.

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So What is Biomedical Engineering..?

Mar. 24, 2013—I first discovered my major, biomedical engineering, my freshman year of high school when flipping through a book of possible careers. Six years later I am still learning each day more about this major that I've chosen as it covers such a wide array of careers. While BME is quite challenging (it is thought to be the hardest major on campus), it is very rewarding.

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Say YES to Success

Nov. 6, 2012—For the past week, conversations seemed to have centered around classes and YES, the system that Vanderbilt uses for course registration.

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My First Taste of Engineering

Sep. 26, 2012—Now this might sound strange, but I was actually really excited for this semester's classes to start. I am a sophomore biomedical engineering major and this is the first semester in which I can take actual engineering classes!

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