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‘Ben Rector’

The Music (Wo)man

Oct. 26, 2013—After the fun and excitement that was Commodore Quake, I was a little bummed out thinking that my music-related activities would be over for a while, but BOY was I wrong! In the last month alone I’ve been to three shows, gotten two backstage passes, interviewed four different artists, and have had tons of stuff...

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The First Few Weeks: a recap

Sep. 9, 2012—The first few weeks of school have been chock full of activities: soccer practice, AOII meetings, classes, working in Admissions, random adventures, and of course, the ever-present antagonist in all of our lives-homework.

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Free, Free, Free!

Aug. 21, 2012—The first week back to school has to be one of my favorite times at Vanderbilt University. Why exactly? Because of the festivities, activities, and everything is FREE.

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