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The First Few Weeks: a recap

Posted by on Sunday, September 9, 2012 in College Life, Food, General Information, Music, Nashville, Student Life.

I’ve been slacking on the blogging (partly due to the intensity with which all of my various commitments have started off the year, and partly due to writer’s block), but I’m back!  The first few weeks of school have been chock full of activities: soccer practice, AOII meetings, classes, working in Admissions, random adventures, and of course, the ever-present antagonist in all of our lives-homework.

To start off my blogging semester, I’ll tell you about just a few of the new experiences I’ve had, and and in my next post I’ll talk a few of my favorite organizations here on campus (in case it isn’t obvious from past blog posts already).

1. The Dog of Nashville: this little hot dog place in Hillsboro Village is seriously my new favorite (partly due to their current special of homemade salt and vinegar chips).  I had heard of it before, but a couple of weekends ago, Carly, Victoria and I decided to try it for ourselves.  It exceeded all of our expectations and I will most definitely be going back.

Carly approves this meal.

2. Shakespeare in the Park: Last night, I accompanied Victoria, Ashlin, and Rachel-Chloe to Shakespeare in the Park (Centennial Park, to be specific).  Although I am not much for Shakespeare and had never read the play that was being performed, I went anyways, and it was a fantastic life decision.  The show was Much Ado About Nothing, and it was set in 1945, AND it was a musical.  Mind blown.

3. Italian Lights: The Italian Lights Festival is an Italian cultural festival put on by a Catholic church and school about 20 minutes away from campus.  Carly and I signed up to volunteer for an hour in the kids’ arts and crafts room, and once our shift was up, we enjoyed wandering the festival and partook in a fantastic lunch of Italian beef sandwiches and Italian ice.  We also were privileged to witness the spectacle that is the Soccer Collies.  Dogs playing soccer–what’s better than that?

Carly and I with the Soccer Collies!

4. Steve Moakler/Ben Rector: The first weekend of the year, Vanderbilt Programming Board put on VPB Palooza, which is an annual event that includes fun stuff like line dancing, a photo booth, a pep rally for the football team, and a musical performance.  This year, VPB brought Steve Moakler and Ben Rector to campus, two artists you might not have heard of, but now you have!  I was blown away by their music, and it’s all thanks to VPB!

This is just a small sample of the fun things I’ve done so far–if the semester continues like this, it’s gonna be a great one!

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