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Anchoring Down in My New Home

Oct. 3, 2015—Books, dinner, and a movie with Dean Beasley? Preds hockey games? Taylor Swift? My first month here has been a dream.

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And We’re Back!

Aug. 23, 2015—Classes don’t start for another two days, but I’ve been back at the Happiest Place on Earth (sorry, Disneyland) for a week. Typical. Between the empty hallways and the lack of a functioning meal plan, being on campus early can be a bit eerie, but it’s incredibly helpful to have some time to settle in...

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Day 1/115

Jan. 5, 2015—Follow a moment-by-moment play of the first few days of the semester (in bullet-point form, because that's all I have time and energy for in this whirlwind of renewed activity and excitement).

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