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Beach Week, 2k14

May. 8, 2014—Yesterday I returned home from a few blissful days with my most wonderful friends at Panama City Beach. Beach week is a tradition many Vanderbilt seniors take part in-- there's a few days in which we are finished with finals and we desperately want to ignore the fact we are graduating from Vanderbilt and so we escape to sea, sand, and sun to enjoy a bit of calm before the storm.

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A Vacation in the Sunshine State

Jul. 30, 2012—Numerous families make beach trips during the summer. My family is not one of them. We are definitely a family that prefers the mountain scene over the beach. Cold over hot. Foliage over sand. However, with the desire to do something as a family before I head to Nashville and my sister begins her Master’s...

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So Much Sun, So Little Sleep!

Apr. 11, 2011—Ethan has already given you an overview of what Frat Formal season is like but I thought I would throw a girls perspective onto the scene also. I absolutely love spring formals! As a senior I have attended my fair share of formals with fraternities from Vanderbilt and also from Wake Forest. In summary, they...

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Formal Weekend

Apr. 6, 2011—In my opinion Formal Weekend and Rites of Spring Weekend are the two best weekends of the semester, no question. Rites will be blogged about next week, so for now I’m gonna focus on Formal Weekend.

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