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‘Asian food’

My Winter Break

Jan. 5, 2019—I can’t believe break is almost over! Our winter break is about three weeks long, but it seems like time flew by and in a couple days, I’ll be back in Nashville for the spring semester. After a hectic whirlwind of finals, projects, and papers, winter break is well-deserved time off. I use this time...

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Pho, Anyone?

Oct. 24, 2013—My opinion on the current star of Vanderbilt Dining options.

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Christmas Cooking

Jan. 1, 2012—Here’s the thing about cooking: it takes time. I really enjoy trying out new recipes (considering my limited experience, that’s pretty much every time I make something) and the delicious home-made results. The problem I have with cooking is the lengthy preparation (I’m ALWAYS missing at least one ingredient!) and the tedious cleanup afterwards. Being...

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